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With Ducati launching its 1299 Panigale this week, when better to have a look at the Bolognan firm’s trademark ‘desmo’ valve technology?       Bikes nowadays – they’re pretty boring, eh? Quite ‘samey’. A bit ‘meh.’ What’s that you

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Things you don’t see every day part 327…

Six appeal!

We were down at our mate Dan Miles’ workshop earlier, and he had something a bit out of the ordinary on the workbench. We’re used to seeing BMW S1000RR, Kawasaki ZX-10R and Yamaha R1 motors stripped and rebuilt, but Dan’s

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Chris goes racing on a HRC Repsol Honda

Seeing the HRC badge still makes us feel special.

OK, I’ll admit it, the main motivation for me entering an enduro race on the Montesa Cota was so that I could tell my mates I was racing a Repsol HRC Honda. Childish, yes, but hey there’s nothing grown up

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An interview with John Surtees.

John Surtees Superbike 2

Scandalously unfamous, John is the only man to ever win a world title on two and four wheels. Not many men can count themselves as Valentino Rossi’s idol, but this one can. I caught up with John at the launch

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The Shit bike challenge begins.

Shit bike challenge

You don’t get a job as a motorcycle journalist because the money is great. Quite the opposite, in fact. You get a job as a motorcycle journalist because you’re obsessed with motorbikes, you think you can write and you think

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ArenacrossUK prepares for 2015.

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 11.13.47

At this time of year, good racing is hard to find. Until the sun comes back out and the flags drop on another season of short circuit racing, we usually sneak off for a fix at Arenacross. Indoor and off

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Dougie Lampkin on ice.

Dougie Lampkin is a long time hero of ours. A multiple world trials champion, he has the kind of skill that we can only dream of when it comes to the hippety hoppety. Anyway, he’s made a new video, which

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Marc Marquez: Dreams Come True

Order your copy at Ebury Publishing.

We’ve managed to secure an exclusive extract from Marc Marquez’ official biography. You might feel that at just 21 years of age there seems little point in writing a biography: how much of a story can someone so young tell?

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SuperBike staff bikes – Honda Montesa Cota 4RT Repsol edition – Part 4

Front end feel is good.

Having a HRC Repsol Honda in the garage makes us happy. And a hippity hoppity trials bike is a handy practice tool for childish stunts. This month it’s a bike your Dad would be proud of…

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Did you forget to unplug the iron?

Good enough for Smokey and the Bandit, good enough for me...

We’ve all seen plenty of high speed videos on Youtube, but this is the one we’re watching the most today. Aside from the fact that the guy he’s chasing is wearing jeans and trainers and the fact that they use

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