£1,000 off new Suzukis – get a GSX-R1000 for under ten grand.

In a fit of generosity, Suzuki is offering £1,000 off a number of its current model range.

This means you can pick up a GSX-R1000 for £9,999, bringing it in at £2,000 less than a Fireblade and the same price as a ZX-6R with ABS. 180hp for 600 money, anyone? Finance options are also available if you don’t have a stack of fifties burning a whole in your snakeskin Prada wallet.

Traction control for what?

Traction control for what?

Other options that will raise your pulse and make the neighbours look twice, include:

  • A Hayabusa for £10,299; handy if you’ve been pondering the idea of doing a lap of Europe flat-out in comfort for less than the price of a 675R.
  • The GSX-R600 Tyco replica at £9,249, letting you play racer for less, these come fitted with a Yoshimura titanium silencer, double bubble screen, seat cowl and Tyco team paint. Buy some tyre warmers for your garage and hire a brolly girl to wake you up in the morning with the spare cash.
  • Either a GSX-R750 or the ‘bold new graphics’ equipped GSX-R750Z for £8,899. A legendary road bike, with some change to put into a set of white wheels with orange rim stripes.
  • If that isn’t enough for your conscience to justify breaking the piggy bank, the Suzuki team has also joined forces with Guy Martin’s Big Brew Charity and will put a tenner in his pot for every bike sold, with the donations going to fund Spinal Research.

The promotion is running until 30th September with more information available from www.suzuki-gb.co.uk.