Another new Ducati – The Panigale 1199 S Senna

It may seem that we’ve been banging on and on about the Panigale here at SuperBike lately.  Blame the Ducati design team, not us.

The guys at the factory in the town of, er, Panigale must be on some decent overtime rates with an endless supply of RedBull.

The result is their latest Panigale incarnation, the Senna.

Underneath the matte black bodywork and red wheels is a regular Ducati Panigale in ‘S’ spec – but it’s the fact that Ducati decided to build 161 of these models (one for each of Senna’s F1 starts) to commemorate the anniversary of the passing of the F1 legend that make it so special.

Only weeks before his death in 1994, Ayrton Senna who was a big Ducati fan, was asked to design a limited edition 916 in the colours of his choice.

The colours of this latest Panigale ape the original 916 Senna of two decades ago and we think it looks absolutely stunning – more than likely it will spawn a legion of replica paint jobs.

The 161 machines will each have a top yoke plaque engraved with the number of their machine, with bike number 01/161 going on display in Ducati Sao Paulo.

Bad news if you’re not Brazilian though.  All 161 bikes will be sold in Brazil, although we’re certain more than a few will make their way to these shores.

Price?  Well if you have to ask..