Arai RX-7 GP Nicky Hayden replica helmet review

Arai Nicky Hayden RX-7 GP

A premium lid, from a premium brand, at a premium price…


Arai RX-7GP Nicky Hayden

Arai RX-7 GP Nicky Hayden Green


Looking for a new track-biased lid? Well you won’t do too much better than Arai’s RX-7GP. I’ve been wearing this Nicky Hayden replica version for the past few years, and it’s been spot-on. Fantastically well made, light weight, stuffed with vents, the GP is my first choice for track rides and Sunday blasts. Those vents do a super job of keeping your head cool on hot days, and are a breeze to close on the move. The double-‘D’ ring strap means you’re always perfectly adjusted, and the flip-down chin curtain helps cut noise from the chinbar area. Having said that, the GP isn’t the quietest of lids – the venting channels and minimalist interior means earplugs are a must (although they’re probably a must on any journey over 40mph anyway…)

The liner is removable and washable to get rid of hair products, sweat and stink, and the GP also has emergency removable cheekpads, to help paramedics get the helmet off more easily after a spill.

This paint job is one of Nicky Hayden’s previous Ducati MotoGP designs, and the matt paint finish is gorgeous – deep colours, and an awesome Starline¬†design.

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