Are takeaway delivery riders planning to steal your bike?

It seems like the perfect cover story, takeaway delivery riders slip between the cracks of your vision. Like cab drivers and cyclists, there are so many of them that eventually you just stop seeing them. What better way to scout for bikes to steal than by using a takeaway delivery as an excuse for crawling around town. When a London based Suzuki GSX-R owner locked his bike up near a Shoreditch pub in order to partake in a light refreshment, it didn’t take long for his bike to catch the attention of a scooter riding delivery rider. Check out the post in the image below and you can judge for yourself what happened.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 12.06.38

We thought it best to speak to Deliveroo, so we called them and asked what (if any) security checks were made before people were employed by the company? Will Shu, Deliveroo’s co-founder and CEO responded:

“We take these allegations very seriously and are looking into them.  Security is of primary importance at Deliveroo, not least during our hiring process. We have internal background checking procedures and review all our drivers’ relevant documents to ensure eligibility for the job. Should we discover any drivers behaving inappropriately, we will take swift action to resolve the problem.”

The owner of the bike would rather not be named, which we can appreciate. He did say that Deliveroo appeared to be following up his complaint and that he was looking forward to seeing the result of their investigation. He was also keen to point out that other bikers in London replied to his post, saying that they too had seen scooters from the same company acting suspiciously near bike bays in central London. We’ll check back in on this in a few days and see what’s going on. Motorcycle theft in London is a massive problem, on average 27 bikes are stolen every single day. That’s over 9000 bikes a year. If you’re on the receiving end of a bike theft, it might feel like very little is being done about the problem. The City of London Police and the Metropolitan Police have plans to ramp up their operations to combat bike theft, you can read about them here . If you get a minute, you should also read this piece we published last year about what to do if you think you’re being followed by bike thieves.  

Words: Johnatsuperbike Image: Facebook