ArenacrossUK prepares for 2015.

At this time of year, good racing is hard to find. Until the sun comes back out and the flags drop on another season of short circuit racing, we usually sneak off for a fix at Arenacross. Indoor and off road, you’d think it has little in common with Brands Hatch or Jerez. To be fair, they are very different things, but the fact that there’s a start and a finish and a load of bikes going nuts to cross the line first qualifies it for some of your attention. Run over eight rounds and all tied up before the end of February, ArenacrossUK is the perfect tonic to Janauary sales and dragging yourself back to work. You can book tickets here and follow the events being built on their Facebook page here. Click the image below for a look at how 2014 looked and a taster of what’s to come.

We could do jumps like that, if we wanted to.

We could do jumps like that, if we wanted to.

With the news that Husqvarna are sponsoring the 85cc big wheel class, it’ll be worth going just to see kids going at it flat out for a chance to win a brand new Husky.

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