Berik 5833 suit

Berik suits have been the default setting for me (Dave Smith) over the last few years at SuperBike magazine.

This is my fourth one-piece suit from Berik. So, as you might have guessed, I’ve few complaints. All four suits, despite being different models, have fitted pretty similarly, and well enough that I’ve not felt the need to beg the lovely chaps at Moto-Direct to go down the made-to-measure route. When new, they’ve all been a little tight around my chest and recently (more worryingly) belly, though they have all become very close to a perfect fit after a bit of use.

Though not the tippety-toppest of the range, this 5833 suit is still going strong after more than two years, with no hint of any zips getting tired or stitching starting to fail. The stretch panels allow flex in the right places, the body armour is unobtrusive, and the knee-sliders (although being a little on the noisy side on rougher road surfaces) work and wear well. Although I’ve not done a full test (i.e. crashed my brains out) in a Berik suit, my mind is put at ease when I remember Shinya Nakano’s 200mph MotoGP big ’un a few years back – he was wearing an Arlen Ness suit made in the same factory (even though my suit is made of Moo, not Roo).

If I were going to be picky – OK, I will, then – I wouldn’t mind another inside pocket (there’s only one) for me fags and whatnot, and perhaps a few more perforations in the front of the suit to reduce sweatiness on hotter days. Still, the lining’s detachable for washing, so there’s little excuse for smelling like a sewerdwelling tramp who’s run a summertime marathon.

On test for: 2.5 years
Price: £500
Contact: rating: 9/10