BMW announces new GS Adventure

So last year BMW updated their standard R1200GS with a new, more powerful version that featured electronically adjustable suspension, sophisticated on and off road traction control and ABS and edgy styling that rattled a few old boys’ cages. But most importantly, the new R1200GS came with a water cooled engine and we welcomed BMW to the 21st century. What BMW didn’t update, however, was the continent-crushing adventure version of the GS, which retained the characterful and effective, but ultimately out of date oil/air cooled boxer motor. For 2014, the men in Munich have decided to give the same technology and updates to world crossing nomads as they gave to less adventurous types last year. Behold, the 2014 BMW R1200GS Adventure:

If it's anything like the old Adventure, the new GS A should be as much fun on road as it is off it.

If it’s anything like the old Adventure, the new GS A should be as much fun on road as it is off it.

The most important differences to the standard GS?

  • 30-litre fuel tank means less pump time and more time spent showing off your ropey wheelies to remote African tribes
  • A heavier flywheel makes riding slowly or on slippery surfaces easier – you’ll be less likely to stall and fall over like a twit in front of the aforementioned tribe.
  • Clever off-road ABS and traction control modes to stop you highsiding it through the sacred prayer tent.
  • More wind protection
  • More suspension travel
  • More convincing world-crosser if you leave it dirty and go posing around London.

Skids! With 125bhp, the new GS Adventure will do lots of these

Convinced? Well you’ll have to wait until the Motorcycle Live show at the NEC to find the price out and they’ll be in dealers March 2014, ready for an Easter bank holiday chocolate pilgrimage to Belgium, if that’s your thing.

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