BMW downsizes with G 310 R.

Hailed by BMW as their first roadster under 500cc, the G 310 R has just been unveiled in Munich. Designed to meet the demands of emerging markets, as well as those already established, the 310 could prove to be just as popular with new riders in the UK as it is mass markets in India and East Asia.

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The design is strictly BMW, but manufacturing will be in India thanks to a partnership with the TVS group. The third largest volume producer in India, TVS currently have the capability to produce around 2.5 million vehicles a year. TVS Motor Company’s quality management system has been based on Japanese role models for many years. For the G 310 R, this system was extended to include the requirements and standards specific to BMW Motorrad.

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A dedicated production area has been set aside in the factory for production of the G 310 R. Mechanical production of the engine components is carried out on new, high-quality machine tools made by leading German manufacturers. BMW Motorrad was closely involved in an advisory capacity here and production is set up based on the model of the BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin-Spandau. The engine assembly line is completely new and fitted with automation and testing technology for every stage of the process. All the relevant work stages are monitored and automatically recorded with regard to size accuracy, tolerances and bolt-fitting values. Assembly is carried out in a completely sealed, glazed area which can only be accessed via air locks so as to prevent any dirt from entering. At the end of the engine assembly line, each engine is put through a test bench run where all relevant parameters are measured including output.

Vehicle assembly is also carried out in a dedicated section of the factory reserved exclusively for BMW Motorrad. Here again, state-of-the-art assembly technology is deployed. The final inspection is performed according to
BMW Motorrad standards and includes electronic functional testing as well as a final run on the roller test bench for every motorcycle. The roller test bench is also completely new and set up according to Berlin standards.

Furthermore, staff were specially selected and trained by TVS for production and assembly. Additional training programs were held for assembly workers together with colleagues from the BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin-Spandau over a period of more than a year prior to the start of serial production. From the very first motorcycle to come off the production line in India, they have also contributed to the high assembly standards and heightened quality awareness. All in all, production of the new BMW G 310 R is subject to the same quality criteria that apply to production at the BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin-Spandau.

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The G 310 R uses an all new 313cc liquid cooled single cylinder engine. Power output is 34bhp at 9500rpm and weight is a road ready 158.5 kilos. As a comparison, the KTM Duke 390 weighs 153 kilos ready to ride. Upside down forks sit upfront a tubular steel chassis, the subframe is bolted on rather than being one piece and a mono shock takes cares of rear suspension duties. There’s a six-speed transmission and ABS equipped brakes, four piston and radial mount up the front, no less. The fuel injection system is designed to cope with low quality fuels, as found in emerging markets. Aside from this being a good thing for Indian fans, it probably means there’s scope for some easy power gains with a remap. The specification is high and the bike does have a hint of S1000R about it. The seat height is a learner friendly 785mm, 15mm lower than the 390 Duke. BMW are claiming a top speed of 90mph, so the G 310 R appears to be up to the job of lengthy commuting as well as cutting a decent dash through busy cities. We’re expecting the price to be around £4500, you can register your interest or find out where to buy one here

Words: Johnatsuperbike and BMW Images: BMW