BMW releases full details of R1250GS

A day or two after a leaked video told us about the new ShiftCam system in BMW’s new R1250GS, BMW released full details of the new model. Press test rides are currently taking place.

The new GS will increase in capacity from 1170cc to 1254cc via a 3mm longer stroke and 1.5mm larger bore, and makes 134bhp and 143nm (105.5 lb-ft) of torque. Just like the leaked video said, it’s got a new “ShiftCam” system which changes cam on the inlet valves depending on throttle position. This, apparently, improves fuel efficiency (

4% better…) and the power/torque curves across the rev range.

There’s loads of other stuff too: a 6.5″ TFT screen, under-piston oil-jet cooling, a brand new engine management system called BMS-O, an updated wet slipper clutch, new injectors and a new gearbox design. Ze Germans have indeed been busy.

The same engine will also find its way into a new R12050RT, the replacement for the R1200RT.

Prices have not yet been revealed, but expect in the region of 15 large ones.

The numbers:

  • 1254cc boxer twin engine
  • 134bhp @ 7750rpm (+~8% on R1200GS)
  • 143nm (105.5 lb-ft) – +14% on R1200GS
  • 20l tank – claimed 260 mile range
  • 850/870mm seat height
  • 249kg (wet)

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