Cagiva V Raptor (2001)

Low seat height means this bike would be much more practical for shortarses, second-rate James Bond types given to schizophrenic delusions about messages received through their sunglasses.

Suzuki’s LT 1000S motor is a stonker but the on-off fuelling means that corner exits and wheelie landings can be fraught with sticky moments. Suspension is on the soft side but is well-damped. Styling is dubious. You either love it or you hate it. I thought it looked as though an Action Man toy should be sat at the controls. But forget gripes about the looks, this bike is as depraved as it gets. Brakes were appaling, taking forever and a day to stop. Cheap tacky plastic seat unit and ludicrous looking front end aside, the Raptor is a real slasher. In your face brazen Dolce&Gabanna to the timeless elegance of the Paul Smith Triumph and Ducati.

•Cagiva V Raptor Price £6,849
•996cc Liquid cooled 8V 90 V-twin
•Dry weight 197kg Insurance group 14
•Claimed power 104bhp @ 8,500rpm
•Issue tested: July 2001