Car Vs Bike – Range Rover versus bike gang

Would you go head to head with a  Range Rover while on your bike? Maybe not on your own but, a gang of bikers in New York surrounded and attacked a Range Rover, after it had bumped a biker on the highway. The driver, fearing for his life, tried to flee and ran over one of the motorcycles, breaking the riders legs. The bikers continued to pursue the Rangey until it eventually got stuck in traffic. The bikers broke the window, dragged out the driver and beat him up. In the Range Rover were the drivers wife and two year old child.

The full video caught on one of the bikers helmet cameras is here:-


In connection with the biker brawl an undercover cop has appeared in court to face riot and criminal mischief charges. Wojciech Braszczok was said to be an “active participant” in the attack. As an undercover cop the rules about acting when they see crimes are different, but Assistant District Attorney Samantha Turino said Braszczok should have acted to stop it. A further six people have been arrested in connection with this attack.

I’m not sure I would take on a Range Rover with a motorbike, but would you really take on a massive gang of bikers if you were in a car?

range rover v bikers