Changing for the seasons

Winter is going and summer is coming, so here’s a look at the kit that got us through the cold and the threads that saved our hides last summer.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 14.16.31

Motorcycle kit has a tough life; it’s expected to regulate our body temperature, keep us dry, let us move around and protect us when we get it wrong. Worse still, it has to fit around the fashion whims of thousands of different people, from the casual fashionistas cruising around London, to the hardened riders doing hundreds of miles that have no desire to look like a power ranger. My kit gets a hard life all year round, I’ve tested hundreds of different bits and arrived at my favourite formula for winter and summer satisfaction. What we’ve got here is my pick of the best kit I’ve used over the last year, tried and tested, in some cases, to destruction.

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