Classic 1992 Honda Fireblade

Way back in the early 90’s the Superbike was re-born. Honda blew the rest of the world out the water with this Fireblade type creation. Journalists of the time were treated to a trip to Australia to test this new fangled technology among some other fine machines like the Honda Dominator. Power figures on the old Blade would be out done by a 600cc bike these days, but if you ever get an opportunity to ride an old Honda CBR900 Fireblade, DO IT! The smooth, responsive fueling of a carburetor fed engine is something to behold. There are still plenty of old Blades around but the original 1992 model, in the more desirable white, red and purple colours, are starting to fetch serious dollar.






If you’re now completely in love with this classic here are a few we found on ebay. Get to them before Chris does.