Discounts on R&G crash protection kits

There aren’t many things that suck more than crashing and at this time of year slow speed spills on greasy or icy roads are more common.
Nearly all of us have had a slow speed slide at one time or another and more often than not we get straight up, dust ourselves off and put it down to experience. R&G protection can make all the difference in circumstances like these.
Spares on modern faired bikes are extremely costly and even a slow slide on one side is enough for insurance companies to declare a bike a write-off.
R&G protection can protect engine cases and fairings in the event of a slide but don’t take my word for it. Here’s our Chris with a hands on demonstration of just how effective R&G protection is
The R&G engine case covers are now available in kit form containing all the engine case covers R&G offer for your bike in one go.
You can save between £20-40 by buying the engine case kit instead of purchasing the covers seperately.
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