Donington BSB Cluedo – Who said what?

If round one of the BSB championship wasn’t proof that we have the best domestic race series on the planet, then I’ll eat my hands. It had everything. Sunshine, fantastic racing, plenty of action all the way down each grid and a surplus of talent in pretty much every race. We can imagine the AMA organisors watching it on the tv and sighing like they’ve just figured out what Clark Kent does with his evenings.

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With racing comes press releases, which are awesome, sometimes. Getting the opportunity to thank your sponsors like you’ve just won an Oscar is great and we’re all for supporting the people that support our sport. But, after round one we decided to take a different approach. We asked five of the key individuals from the race to send us one line that sums up how they feel the day after the race. What kind of thoughts spin through the brains of the guys that put on the show for you and us. We’ve listed the quotes below and the names of the five people we spoke to in a jumbled order. See if you can match them up. Tweet us your guesses, or check out our Facebook page tonight for the answers.


Who said what?

  1. Relieved!!!!!
  2. Driven and excited.
  3. The most fun I’ve had with my clothes on.
  4. Unbelievably mega!!
  5. Nervous anticipation for Brands already.


  1. Tommy Hill
  2. Peter Hickman
  3. Shakey
  4. Stuart Higgs
  5. James Ellison

Round two of the championship is at Brands Hatch Indy. That place always provides fantastic racing. It’s on over the weekend of the 17 April, you can book tickets here. If you haven’t been for a few years, get down to Kent and have a look, it’s a race series to be proud of.

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Words: @Johnatsuperbike Images: Double Red