Ducati to unveil updated Scrambler 803 on Monday 10th September

(Now confirmed)… Ducati is to announce an updated Scrambler 803 on Monday 10th September at 10AM UK time. We’re not sure when we’ll actually see the updated Scramblers in the flesh, but all of our intelligence suggests that it’ll be before EICMA in November, with a potential press-launch taking place later this month.

It looks like we’re in for an evolution rather than revolution update for the baby Scrambler (hence #Joyvolution), and as such, we’re expecting this to be more of a facelift than an all-out overhaul of the range. The 75 BHP 803cc two-valve engine is likely to remain unchanged in terms of power and torque, and we can’t imagine that it’ll have an electronics package thrown at it either. Frankly, it doesn’t really need traction control or lean-angle-sensitive wizardry, and it’d bring the baby Scrambler uncomfortably close to the Scrambler 1100’s spec.

We’d expect to see various styling tweaks including new colour schemes and the odd bit of fettling here and there to the entire range. New clocks, tweaked exhaust designs, revised geometry, slightly altered suspension settings… we’re thinking along those kinds of lines. Refinements rather than radical change. And, of course, a boat load of fresh apparel and lifestyle accessories to keep things ticking over nicely.

More as we get it…

More info: ScramblerDucati.com