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The suit that can be worn 365 days a year and provide outstanding performance. Extreme Racings two piece base layer keeps you cool in summer & warm in winter thanks to a specialised process that produces a material that “locks in” moisture and allows the skin to breath and keeps the rider fully focused at all times.

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Manufactured using a specially blended mix of cotton & lycra, it gives enhanced moisture management & thermal protection. The fabric reacts to all kinds of different conditions, from excessive heat to extreme cold. In warm weather, perspiration is removed from the skin surface keeping the wearer cool, conversely in cold conditions the natural thermal properties of the fabric allow heat to be retained. Should excess heat occur, the fabric disperses it in the usual manner.

Woven in hollow fibers allow moisture to be distributed around the fabric keeping the wearer cool dry & your riding kit free from sweat, so no more sticky leathers when riding! They are also fitted with an elasticated waist for a comfort fit. Whether you’re touring, racing, or street riding the extreme racing two piece set is the ultimate all round comfort choice.

For full information check out the guys over at www.extremeracing.co.uk

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