Fancy a 260mph Jet Bike?


A few of you may have already seen the first Y2K jet bike that was released by Martine Turbine Technologies (MTT) in the year 2000.  Powered by a Bell Ranger helicopter jet engine it was apparently good for 250mph.

A few years have passed since then and the Y2K was in need of an update.  Here is the second generation with the catchy name of 2013 MTT Y2K 420R.

The jet turbine at the heart of this monster is a new Rolls Royce Allison model 250, again sourced from the bell ranger helicopter, coupled to a two-speed gearbox.  It’ll run on aviation fuel or even regular pump diesel.

Power figures of 420bhp at 52,000 rpm and an absurd 424-ft/lbs of torque make this the most powerful production motorcycle in existence.

A lack of engine braking and a 260mph+ estimated top speed mean brakes need to be top notch and MTT have given this latest model six pot ISR monobloc calipers and 320mm discs (Brembo calipers pictured)

The bike is also equipped with BST carbon fibre wheel and carbon fibre fairings and the latest incarnation retains the LCD screen in place of mirrors.

Road legal status has already been granted in the USA since 2000 and MTT are working on type approval for European markets.

Prices have yet to be announced but expect to pay more than the £130,000 that the original cost way back in 2000.