Fancy a go on a Kawasaki ZX-10R Superbike?

Yeah, us too. But they’ve excluded us from the competition as apparently its ‘not fair’ if one of us wins, pah. Ah well, all the more chance for one of you lot to grab yourself a day on track on a factory-spec Superbike, courtesy of Reactive

Our mates over at Reactive Parts have got a very swanky Kawasaki ZX-10R superbike which is currently on its way to race at the Macau GP. The spec list in incredible, with all the top-notch parts you’d expect on a World Superbike and more. The ‘more’ in this case being lovelies like carbon fibre subframes – outlawed in WSB, but fair game at Macau.

This could be you, er, but maybe somewhere with gravel traps...

This could be you, er, but maybe somewhere with gravel traps…

For some strange reason they’re prepared to let someone ride it for a day at one of the British Superbike circuits, with free instruction from TT-racing lunatic Gary Johnson. All you’ve got to do is head over to their website, fill in your details and wait for a phone call with your fingers, toes and any other appendages crossed. We’ve filled in forms for much less exciting things than this, so it sounds like a no-brainer – get over there and get typing. The only catch we can see is that you might get suckered in to browsing their online shop when you spot all the swanky bike parts for sale there. But hey, Christmas is coming, you’ve been working hard, you deserve a little treat right?

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