FANCY STUFF: Glamping it up

Want to reduce hotel costs when going on race weekends? Here’s one solution. If it’s good enough for Valentino Rossi..


Yes, there’s slightly more room in here than in your average two-man tent

What’s the most lavish night’s sleep you’ve ever had while away at a race meeting? A Millets tent and a boot for a pillow? Perhaps you’ve even splashed out for a hotel room that ends up being so far from the circuit that you miss half the race trying to fight your way in through the traffic on race day.
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Imagine, for a second, how much you’d pay to live in five-star luxury within metres of the grid. A thousand pounds? Five-thousand pounds? How about £650,000? That’s about how much it would cost to get yourself an ‘Articulated Dream’ luxury motorhome, as owned by some geezer called Valentino Rossi. You can specify everything to your exact requirements. So, for example, every plasma screen telly in Rossi’s is exactly 46 inches. We can’t think why…You think that’s weird? Two bedrooms complement two bathrooms, there’s no portloo action in this rolling palace. There’s a garage for your scooter and a touch-screen command unit to control everything from the temperature to the timer on your microwave.

Manufacturer Visibly Loud isn’t interested in calls from you if you’re looking for a spot to go camping in the summer, but if you’re genuinely interested in motorhomes that cost more than a three-bed home in Wimbledon, give them a shout and tell them we sent you.£650,000 (estimate)