First pictures of the new 1290 KTM SuperDuke in road trim

By now you’ve probably all seen the prototype pictures and videos of the new 1290cc SuperDuke that KTM have been drip feeding for the last few months.

The launch of the new bike is only two weeks away and pictures have emerged of how it will really look when it hits the showroom floor.

Even though additions such as treaded tyres, headlights, mirrors, number plate hangers and road legal exhausts have been added, the new 1290 still looks as aggressive as they come and we’re hoping Akrapovic make the fancy double exit system that we caught a glimpse of on the one-off prototype.

The new SuperDuke is also kitted out with the latest electronic aids, traditionally missing from previous KTM models.

Chris already has his bags packed and is counting down the days until he gets to ride it on the launch, so keep your eyes peeled for his views in a couple of weeks.

Road Spec 1290 KTM SuperDuke

Road Spec 1290 KTM SuperDuke