Friday funnies

Boobs and banter – that’s what it’s all about here at on a Friday. You’ve had your Friday Fold, now here are the Friday funnies:

A dog. On a bike. It's funny, OK.

A dog. On a bike. It’s funny, OK?


Oright geeza?

A lass from Essex was in a nasty car crash and had to phone for an ambulance. The phone operator asked where she was bleeding from. ‘Well, since you ask’ she replied, ‘I’m from bleeding Essex.’


In deep

A man and a woman are speeding down a country lane in a fast car, she decides to strip off and flash at passers by. Sadly this distracts the man and he crashes, she is flung clear of the wreckage but he gets stuck inside. She grabs one of his shoes which had been thrown off and uses it to cover her crotch when she runs for help. At a local garage, she runs in shouting ‘Please help, my boyfriend’s stuck’. The mechanic took one look at the shoe and said ‘Sorry love, you’ll need a doctor, he’s too far in.’


And a Friday Funny wouldn’t be complete without a hilarious video – click here for Russian drivers, doing nothing to help their Vodka-abusing stereotype.

Thanks Internet, you’re the best.