GPR Thunder Slash dual silencer fit on 2015 Suzuki GSX-S1000 S

GSXS GPR can fit005


We’re fans of GPR pipes here at SB – they make a good-looking exhaust at a decent price, with a wide range of styling options and noise levels, plus they generally do okay on power as well.

So we gave the firm’s Thunder Slash end can a runout on our long term Suzuki GSX-S1000 S, and the results are pretty good! First up, it’s easy to fit: seriously, half an hour tops to get the stock pipe off, bolt the GPR pipe on (re-using the OE exhaust heatshield) and you’re away.

GSXS GPR can fit003


In terms of weight, you save about half a kilo over stock:

GSXS GPR can fit001

GPR can – 1.7kg


GSXS GPR can fit002

Stock can – 2.4kg. About 0.7kg more, but you need to subract the weight of the heatshield, so nearer 0.5kg.








And in terms of power, it just about matches the Remus can we had on recently. Here’s the GPR vs stock, done at Dynojet UK’s HQ.

GPR can vs Stock pipe

GPR can (blue) vs stock pipe (red)



GSXS GPR can fit007

End can in place, just the heatshield to go back on


Best of all, each silencer has a removable dB killer, so you can have them both out for max noise, both in for quieter running, or one out for a halfway house. It’s not terribly loud (the standard underslung silencer box takes out a load of noise), but there’s definitely more of a meaty roar going on even with the baffles in place.

The Thunder Slash can retails for about £330 in the UK, and makes a very solid option for an easy weight drop, power increase, sound improvement and styling change. If you dinnae fancy the twin cans, GPR’s got a few other options for the GSX too. More info here and check out the video catalogue below…