Husa-Husky what now? Husqvarna in, Husaberg out.

They all rolled over and one fell out…

You may be aware that BMW has sold Husqvarna motorcycles. You may be aware that the parent company that owns KTM purchased Husqvarna. You may, therefore, have spotted a conflict in the KTM family, as they now share space around the dinner table with both Husaberg and Husqvarna. The little twist there is that when Swedish bike manufacturer Husqvarna defected to Italy, purchased by Cagiva in 1988, the staff that stayed behind created Husaberg. Husaberg was purchased by KTM in 1995 and has grown under the Austrian banner ever since. But now, the number one child has returned and Husaberg is back out in the cold.

Don't worry supermoto fans (yes, both of you), the SuperBike Husaberg is still going strong

Don’t worry supermoto fans (yes, both of you), the SuperBike Husaberg is still going strong

The Husqvarna (Husky) brand is particularly strong in the US, which would explain the move by KTM now running a reinvented Husky as its sister company. The old Husqvarna range has been ditched and new models have just been launched. The new bikes are formed on similar principles to the now-extinct Husabergs of late – as premium versions of the KTM bikes with a few different components and a different colour scheme. That doesn’t sound like much of a difference, but the extra detail that goes into the new Huskys could make all the difference. Best of all the retro colour schemes look amazing.

Sadly that means an end for the Husqvarna Nuda 900, a bike that we at SuperBike loved. Snap one up now while they’re cheap and you’ll have a rare treasure 20 years from now. Unless you flip it doing wheelies down your local industrial estate.

Goodbye Husky road bikes. Goodbye Husaberg. You’ll be missed by a few of us, at least.