If Öhlins made web blogs…

Öhlins. Swedish purveyors of fine quality, gold anodised suspension since 1976. That makes them pretty much the same age as SuperBike magazine, good for them.


Without doubt the most sought-after name to slap down the side of your forks or across the reservoir of your rear shock, Öhlins have unleashed their shiny skills on the internet with their online blog, Performance. They’ll probably tell you it’s the place to go to hear about all the racing activities that Öhlins is involved in, but we know full well what you’re looking at it for. It’s the pictures isn’t it; pages and pages of suspension erotica.


Well, who can blame you, just don’t stare at it too long or your eyes will turn square. And probably gold.

Oh, you want the link do you? Well, OK, here it is, but don’t say we didn’t warn you: www.ohlinsnews.com