On test for: One year These gloves were subbed-in as an emergency replacement pair at a race meeting.

Despite doing the job on the day, these Ixon RS prince gloves are not top of my list of protective equipment. They are light and unrestrictive, and the stitching held out well in a minor spill, but I wouldn’t want to have a big ‘off’ in them. There is some armour on the back of the hands but less support overall than a pair of Marigolds. The feel is similar to putting your hand in an A4 envelope: certainly unrestrictive, but not particularly race-glove-like. In fairness, these gloves are not Ixon’s top-of-the-range race version (which are much more protective). Are they OK for normal road use? That depends how picky you are.

Price: £69.99
Contact: www.ixon.com

On test for: <b>One year</b>

SuperBike rating: 3/10