James Whitham

As this is the “wheelie” issue I thought i’d have a think about mono-wheel silliness over the years, and I’ve remembered plenty! I don’t care how old you get, or how sensible you’ve become or how many times you see it, a good/dangerous/scary wheelie is always, always cool. 

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It’s a fact that as bikes have become more powerful, then pulling wheelies has gotten easier. A sit down wheelie on a moped is loads harder than the same on a modern sports bike, even if the consequences of getting it wrong aren’t as severe on the ‘ped. With 170bhp, virtually anyone can get the front wheel a foot in the air and chase it through the gearbox until the bike stops accelerating fast enough to keep it there. But for me, this isn’t a proper wheelie. A proper wheelie should be maintained at a constant speed. To do this the bike needs to be at somewhere near the balance point…and if you have any sense, your foot needs to be somewhere near the rear brake pedal!

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