Kawasaki H2 SX. 200hp Sports Touring is here!

A couple of years ago Kawasaki launched the bonkers H2 and H2R, which you can read about here

It was only a matter of time before the technology began to drip down the line to the rest of the range. Today, Kawasaki has announced that supercharged loveliness has reached the SX. You can read our Kawasaki Z1000SX launch report with video here

The words below are straight from Kawasaki, but without even throwing a leg, we’re going to confidently state that this bike will be brilliant fun. How could it not be? Of course it will be practical as well, but come on, a supercharged Z1000! Chuck the panniers in the garage and you’ve got yourself a 200hp daily commuter. In fact, how long will it be before we’re seeing (and hearing) Z1000s with this set up…

Three years after Kawasaki introduced the unique forced induction Ninja H2 and Ninja H2R, Kawasaki now introduces a new supercharged motorcycle featuring the second generation Balanced Supercharged engine; the Ninja H2 SX. The excitement and characteristic power delivery of a 200ps supercharged engine is now brought to the Sport Tourer category, making the new Ninja H2 SX the ultimate sport tourer.

The Ninja H2 and the Ninja H2R were born from a pure pursuit of performance and created to offer riders an unforgettable experience; the new Ninja H2 SX explores a different direction: sports touring. Balanced Supercharged technology has been developed entirely in-house by Kawasaki with a focus on real-world street use. The Ninja H2 SX’s 998cc liquid-cooled four-cylinder DOHC 16-valve supercharged engine offers a sensational linear power output in the low to mid-range combined with excellent fuel efficiency – better than that of the sport touring sibling Z1000SX. Combined with its 19-litre fuel tank, this specially tuned engine character suits long-distance riding while being capable of delivering the exhilarating acceleration feel that only a supercharged Kawasaki engine can provide.

The all new Ninja H2 SX comes in two model variants: the standard Ninja H2 SX and the Ninja H2 SX SE – a bike focused on being the ultimate in its class. The SE model comes equipped with an impressive array of additional quality features including Kawasaki’s first colour TFT LCD instrument meter and lean angle sensitive LED cornering lights, plus a quick-shifter for seamless up and down gear selection, Kawasaki Launch Control Mode (KLCM), premium colour and graphics, a large screen and heated grips.

Thanks to its light weight, the Ninja H2 SX has a striking power-to-weight ratio while the relaxed-but-sporty riding position, superb ride comfort, reassuring high-speed stability and agile handling all contribute to the touring prowess of this supercharged sports tourer. To complete the picture, the Ninja H2 SX features much advanced technology and electronic rider aids such as Kawasaki’s latest IMU-equipped electronics package, cruise control and Kawasaki Cornering Management Function.

Ninja H2 SX riders will be able to share their experience with a passenger thanks to an innovative and highly revised Ninja H2-derived trellis frame that is equipped to carry a pillion and luggage, with a 195kg payload. Kawasaki engineers made sure that riders can still make use of the supercharged engine when riding with passenger or panniers by developing this new rigid chassis with a longer wheelbase and an altered steering angle that, in combination with the fully adjustable suspension, ensures stability and confidence at high speeds.

Leave everything you thought you knew about sports touring behind with the supercharged Ninja H2 SX. Surge across continents, along autobahns and through mountain passes. Go further, go faster. Ninja H2 SX – Supercharge Your Journey.


  • Ninja H2 SX – Metallic Carbon Gray / Metallic Matte Carbon Gray
  • Ninja H2 SX SE – Emerald Blazed Green / Metallic Diablo Black