Kawasaki H2R to melt your eardrums everyday at Motorcycle Live.

Kawasaki are calling it a ‘Sounds and Vision Experience’, we’re calling it the highlight of the show and the gates haven’t even opened yet. Here’s the press release from Kawasaki UK about the H2R being run up on a dyno every day of Motorcycle Live at 12:30.

Imagine this, screaming in your ears. We'll see you there...

Imagine this, screaming in your ears. We’ll see you there…

Following the worldwide media and public interest at the unveiling of the Ninja H2 and Ninja H2R, both machines will be at Motorcycle Live which opens at Birmingham’s NEC on Saturday 22 November.

As a special feature, Kawasaki is planning a unique “sound and vision” event each day at which the Supercharged 300+ horsepower closed course only Ninja H2R will be started and run on a rolling road provided by FW Developments who are supplying the latest DynoJet 250i model complete with a Dynoware RT electronics package to cope with the immense power and torque that will be generated.

Every day at the show at 12.30, the Ninja H2R will be warmed up and then run in a full throttle display changing through each of its six ratios using the standard equipment quick shifter until the red line in top gear – and maximum aural impact – are both achieved.

“There are starting to be videos of Ninja H2R’s on the internet now but the sound of this amazing machine up close and personal is something to behold”, commented Marketing Manager for Kawasaki Motors UK, Mark Spiller.

“As a close course only machine the Ninja H2R is to all intents and purposes unsilenced. It’s going to be a very special performance each day as on one of the only running examples of this bike in the world is put through its paces on the Dynojet rolling road at Motorcycle Live.”

Book your tickets to the Kawasaki H2R dyno show here , you’ll get a free ticket to see loads of other cool shit as well.