Kawasaki lets the towel slip a little lower…

Kawasaki are doing a stand up job of keeping us interested in its upcoming supercharged Ninja. Due to be unveiled at the end of the month, the fourth teaser video has just been released.

What do we know so far?

We know it’s supercharged, we know it’ll carry the Ninja name and should therefore be a sports bike and we definitely know that we want to ride it.

What are we guessing at?

That it’s possibly going to be a 750cc. Forced induction 750s are nothing new to Kawasaki and it makes little sense for Kawasaki to build a sports bike that might compete in capacity with the ZX-6R or the ZX-10R.

You can see the latest video here. You can keep tabs on the Ninja H2 project here

One thing is certain, it’s going to be sweet.