Kawasaki model updates for 2014

When we receive a press release from Kawasaki about updates to the ZZR1400, we hope and pray that the fastest just got a bit faster. Sadly the updated bike which is on sale later this year, hasn’t included a giant turbo-charger but the improvements are still worthy of a mention. Ohlins and Kawasaki have teamed up to develop the top of the range TTX Shock for the ZZR1400. For those looking to buy an aftermarket shock, the TTX from Ohlins has long been at the top of the tree when it comes to price and quality. With Kawasaki choosing to fit it as standard shows commitment to the handling ability of their hypersports machine as well as the straight line prowess. The remote pre-load adjuster is always handy when adding or removing a pillion and luggage that most ZZR owners burden their bikes with.
Among other small updates are a pair of titanium Akrapovic titanium slip on silencers.
It appears Kawasaki bosses have got out their cheque books to keep the ZZR at the top of the hypersports pile by spending a not inconsiderable sum on quality parts.

The incredibly popular sports tourer the Z1000SX is also receiving updates for 2014.
Electronic changes include switchable power maps as well as three way traction control. There is a marginal increase to performance thanks to subtle changes to the engine, exhaust and airbox. There is now also a handy remote preload adjuster for the rear shock although it isn’t a top spec TTX unit like the one that graces the ZZR1400. Completing the updates are a new pair of colour coded panniers, large at 28 litres each and big enough for a full face helmet and yet they appear to work with the sleek lines of the bike.
It’s not just the big bikes that has received a smattering of updates either.
The Ninja 300 is due to be released in a Special Edition spec for 2014. With the lower production and sale cost, a TTX shock probably wasn’t on the cards, and again they have left off the turbo-charger..
In fact all you’ll get on the Limited Edition Ninja 300 is a fancy WSB paintjob that apes Tom Sykes and Loris Baz’ ZX-10R from this year. As paintjobs go though, it’s a pretty bloody cool one to have.
If you want to pull skids and do stoppies then go for the non-ABS model or if you want to make extra sure your fancy new paintjob stays intact then it’s also available with ABS.

2014 Kawasaki ZZR1400

2014 Kawasaki ZZR1400

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