Keep it clean!

German firm OK Wack has been working on bike cleaning kit for thirty years. Big Al flew to Germany to witness the company’s Teutonic assault on grime, grease, grit and general grubbiness… 

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How do you clean your bike? If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got a mish-mash of various cleaning products floating about the garage. Some soapy stuff goes in a bucket with some hot water and gets sponged about the place. Extra grubby bits get a squirt with some powerful stuff from a trigger spray bottle. The worst spots – chains and brakes and wheels – they get some scary poisonous shit out of an aerosol can, then attacked with a stiff brush. Hose it all off with a pressure washer, then if you’re feeling saucy, there’s a bottle of polishing stuff and a yellow duster. Job done. Go and pull some ropey wheelies.

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