Keith Amor’s TT race week blog. Day five

The TT can be a really frustrating place. The gamble that I spoke about earlier in the week turned out to be exactly that. The 160 section rear tyre helped the bike run really well on the smooth sections of the track, but in the bumps it was nigh on unrideable. I had the mother and father of all saves over Ago’s on the first lap, I was pretty sure I was about to come off but the bike came back to me. It just wouldn’t handle with a full fuel load. Later in the race I shut the gas flat out in sixth at Rhencullen one and the thing tied itself in knots, again I thought I was off. My pitlane limiter played havoc with the bike, so I ended up switching that off and using the radar display in pitlane instead.

I’m properly impressed by Peter Hickman. I said earlier in the week that I was looking forward to seeing if he’d pip Josh’s newcomer lap and he did, a 129mph lap in his first year is pretty incredible. Danny Webb also showed real promise, he’s a young guy and will grow into a genuine talent around here. John McGuinness had a real tough week. I know he said he’d be happy with a top six in the senior, but it must have been hard for him to watch Michael and the boys getting away from him.

All in I’ve done three races, had a fourth, a sixth and a tenth. I should be happy with that, but it’s frustrating to know that I set a fastest lap in one race and didn’t even make the podium. I’ll be back though, the aim is to get back on the big bike, that’s where it’s at round here. My plans for next year start with meeting my sponsors and seeing if they’re up for working together again. If everything comes off, I’ll get my shoulder sorted and be back next year. None of this would have been possible without the help from these people and I’d like to take a second to thank them. Rig Deluge, B&W racing, Dunlop tyres, Arai helmets, GB racing protection, Site sealants, John/Big Dave at Saltire engineering, SPS brake pads, Motul and my brother Guy for working on the bike. I’m grateful to all those guys. If you’re on the island, you’ll find me in Villa Marina tonight, having a beer and enjoying the show. Thanks for all your support.