King Dick bike tool kits

Good King Dick will even custom-build a box to your exact biking requirements


King Dick is a British tool company based in Birmingham in the Midlands. We’ve tried and tested the firm’s tools in the past and have been very impressed with the strength and quality – even Chris has struggled to break them. King Dick supplies a range of different kits, from eight-piece quarter-inch-drive socket sets, right through to full roller-cabinet tool-kits with eight different flavours of hammer. Tasty. They’ll even custom-build a kit to your exact requirements and offer a made-to-measure tool service – handy if you can’t quite find a big enough screwdriver to hit.

To be fair, King Dick roller chests are found in a lot of British superbike paddock garages and, although teams get them at a discount, they are happy to cough up the cash. As ever, when push comes to shove, when you need good, well-made, solid and reliable tools that won’t flake or chip when dropped (or thrown) on a concrete floor, you need decent kit that’s not going to bankrupt you. Three cheers for good King Dick!And, look at that, we didn’t make a single crude, obvious comment about the brand name. Aren’t we all big and grown up now? (No sniggering at the back).

From £35.