A perfect piece of kit for any bike journey…

A perfect piece of kit for any bike journey…

This unique waterproof portable power pack will recharge most 5v devices, including smart-phones, tablets and for boats, a GPS and chart-plotter.  This rechargeable power bank has a decent 7800mah capacity, giving most phones at least 4 charges before it needs a recharge itself. The Aqua Trek has an injection molded rubberised case and is compact enough to fit in a pocket or left conveniently under the seat of most bikes. Like the rest of the ‘Mobile Solar Chargers’ range, the device will recharge via USB from the mains, laptop, PC or Car USB.

This portable rechargeable battery is uniquely suited to out-door activities. It has a bright LED torch with an SOS facility should you find yourself broken down or in need of some light to repair something on the bike.

The Aqua Trek waterproof phone charger, once charged will retain its capacity for months. It’s an ideal life saver to be left under the seat or in a rucksack to help out on those times when the phone battery is dead or the Sat Nav has run out of juice when you’re lost in the middle of France.

Cost: £59.95