Kushitani Racing – swanky Japanese leathers available in the UK

For motorcycle leather connoisseurs, Kushitani Racing is the clothing equivalent of HRC. For others, it’s another Japanese brand they’ve never heard of. Kushitani has been making motorcycle leathers for 60 years now and they’ve had a few ‘firsts’ in their time:

–       First manufacturer to offer knee armour in all their suits

–       First to fit knee sliders to all their suits

–       First to install armour in elbows and shoulders in all their suits

–       First to offer a stretch panel in suits

For a long time, Kushitani stuff has not been readily available in the UK, perhaps adding to their status, but finally we have a distributor. Two levels of customization are available, on suits ranging from just over a grand to £2,099 for the airbag suit.

At the other end of the price spectrum, for those who don’t feel the need to spend that much money just now, Kushitani offers these neoprene palm protectors for £12.99. They go on under your gloves and help reduce blisters for those who are riding hard for hours, or those with nancy girl hands. We’ve got a set in to test and so far, they seem pretty good. The protectors fit under even a tight set of gloves easily and aren’t really noticeable once in place. Next time it’s not pouring with rain or minus a million degrees, we’ll give them a full workout and get back to you.


Kushitani palm protector 1


Meanwhile, if you fancy some swanky Japanese bike kit of your own, head over to Kushitani-UK.

It's the way you wear 'em, apparently

It’s the way you wear ’em, apparently