‘Lobber’ Lorenzo says crash protection is for wimps…

But then he would say that – he doesn’t have to pay for the fairings or engine cases of his Yamaha M1 when he fires it into the barriers. Actually, he might not have really said that at all, the phone line was a bit rough and the guy claiming to be Jorge didn’t sound all that Spanish come to think of it.


But, for the rest of us who don’t have Factory rides, a little bit of crash protection goes a long way. And the biggest name in damage limitation (other than buying a cheap alarm that runs your battery flat and prevents you riding) is R&G Racing. R&G is now an official supplier to the British Superbike Championship and the protection of choice for the Triumph Triple Challenge series.

We’ve put R&G’s protection claims to the test more than once and always been happy with the results. And, in the interests of proper testing, we’ve even fired a few bikes down the track without protection and had to deal with the oily mess that resulted.


So, while it’s still raining and you’re looking for things to fit to your bike, have a look at what R&G do, then watch this video and decide if you want to be the one to drop oil at your next track day.

Images courtesy of MotoGP.com