Michelin Pilot Road 3 tyres are worth a look

The Michelin Pilot Road 2 was a good tyre and we’re not going out on a limb to suggest the newPilot Road 3is better.

Michelin has announced two new road tyres for this year. Well, they say two new tyres, but the truth is that the really big news is that the Pilot Road 3 is all new, while the Power Pure has had a vague “technology” update and some new sizes added to the range.

The dual compound Pilot Road 3 is aimed at sports-tourers and looks like a totally new hoop, featuring a tread, compound and construction optimized for wet and damp conditions (which should be good in UK summers then..). Michelin claims new X Sipe (XST) technology is the key to improved wet weather grip and feel. The tyre sure as hell looks like a racing wet and not a million miles away from the Power Pure tread pattern. The new tyre is in dealers now and we’ve got a pair to test too…from a friendly dealer who says he’s impressed. So, more later…

Speaking of which…The well-regarded road-biased Power Pure will now feature “the latest latest-generation Michelin 2CT technology” as well as coming in two new sizes (120/70-17 and 190/55-17), with more planned through the year, making a total of nine fitment options. Get more info from www.michelin.co.uk – the new tyres are available now.

Check our review of the original tyre here.


Truly, at first glance, you could mistake the new Pilot 3 for a racing wet, such are the depth and shape of the grooves. The feel from the front, even from stone cold, is impressive (a bit like riding a racing wet!) and, although it remains to be seen how it copes with wear, so far we’ve been impressed by the performance in every department.


[youtube id=”wyHxahwsfgA” width=”600″ height=”350″]