MTC GSX-R exhaust



If you’re after something a little bit different in the exhaust department for your K6-K10 GSX-R 600 or 750 then look no further.

Not everyone is a fan of the standard belly hugging item that comes as standard on these models and MTC have come up with the solution with their latest creation. With exhaust cans in the bellypan as well as in the traditional area in the rear there is twice as much area for the sound baffling material to do its job, ideal if you’re not into shouty exhaust notes.

Weight saving over the standard item is a reported 4kg and it also gets rid of the restrictive catalytic converter.

Martin at MTC also tells us this exhaust system gets rid of the pesky 5,000rpm flat spot that is common on some of the 750cc GSX-R’s and it sounds pretty sweet to boot

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