MV Agusta Superveloce

Yes yes, it’s a pre production model and yes, we know that MV is in a bit of a financial black hole at the minute, but take a look at this. It’s called the Superveloce Ottocento and it makes us feel funny in the wee wee.

It’s MV Agusta’s modern interpretation of the brand’s own heritage. The press release also used the phrase ‘a fusion of vintage and contemporary’ but we hadn’t had our morning coffee when we read the release and thought that just sounded a bit too much like someone trying to sell us an overpriced meal.

The base of the bike is the already proven F3 800, although a remap and the asymmetrically placed 3-1-3 exhaust will boost power a tiny amount. Panels are made from carbon fibre, the new dash is TFT and housed in a stunning 1970’s style single headlight cowl. MV has nailed the look, even the yellow plexiglass style screen looks the part.

Owners will be able to switch from single to two seater in minutes thanks to clever design around the new rear subframe.  The Superveloce has a stack of design touches that we like. Everything from the leather strap over the tank, to the adjustable pegs and the LED lights. It’s all been thought about and the proportions of this concept machine are, in our opinion, perfect.

MV has an uphill battle between where they are today and this time next year (when this bike will be ready to sell). Fingers crossed they get to where they need to be. If for absolutely no other reason than we might get the chance to see just one of these beautiful machines in the flesh and on the road.

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