That’s the less-than-friendly ‘Not In My Back Yard Any More’ neighbours of the ‘friendly’ circuit who are seeking a quieter life despite buying houses next to a race track.

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Mallory Park race circuit in Leicestershire faces heavy sanctions on its usage, which could lead to the track becoming unfeasible to run. A minority of local residents have been arguing with the local council over noise problems with the circuit. It sparked off after an event called Awesome Fest got a little out-of- hand, noise issues continued late into the night in the form of cars on track and loud music. This event has not since been allowed to run, but the local liaison committee would still like further noise reductions.

The committee represents a minority of the village’s population; when the committee was formed by democratic vote (one vote per household) in November 2011, only sixty-five out of approximate 145 households were troubled enough to vote, which is in the region of 45%. Out of those sixty- five households involved, twenty-two voted for the candidate who stood to preserve the activity of the circuit, so it really is just a minority of residents who are against the circuit.

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