No, you haven’t gone back in time. This is the new Brough Superior SS100

2014 Brough Superior SS100

2014 Brough Superior SS100

No, you haven’t gone back in time. Brough Superior – widely regarded as the first Superbike, have launched a new SS100 for 2014.

The styling apes that of the original 1924 SS100 built by George Brough which was famously capable of breaking the magic 100 mph barrier, a first for a production motorcycle.  Original 1920’s SS100’s now fetch six figure sums and the latest SS100 is also going to be a premium product.

Even though styling remains similar, the technology has been brought right up to date. Various 997cc V-Twin engines are available ranging from 100 bhp up to 140 bhp and will produce an enormous quoted torque figure of 125 Nm @ 8,000 rpm.  Weight figures are around 180 kg dry.

We’re guessing it’ll crack a bit more than 100 mph this time around then.

Brakes are now top notch ceramic items from Beringer and the new SS100 sports an Ohlins rear shock and a telelever front end also linked to Ohlins equipment.  The SS100 frame uses a combination of steel and titanium tubular trellis.

As with the original 1924 SS100, the latest incarnation will be custom built to owner specifications.