Norton Motorcycles – what happened today?

In a change to scheduled broadcasts, here is an update on some changes to businesses associated with Stuart Garner, Donington Hall and Norton. 

As previously mentioned here, TTorpa Ltd was a business owned by Stuart Garner. It’s a little bit of a grey area, but it appears that TTorpa Ltd was formed on the 31 March 2015 in order to pitch for a contract that was up for tender associated with the global TT series that the IOM Govt put out. When the decision was made not to commence with the global TT series, Stuart Garner (as the director) changed the name of TTorpa Ltd to Norton Motor Cars on the 17th October 2018.

Changes logged at Companies House as of the 11th March 2020 show two things. The first is another name change for the business. Previously known as Norton Motor Cars Ltd, is now know as Norton MC Limited.

Another change made is the resignation of Stuart Garner as the Director, replaced by Stuart’s wife, Susannah Garner. 

What is interesting is the registered business address for Norton MC Limited at Companies House is still Donington Hall, home of Norton Motorcycles. 

A quick look at Companies House shows a company called Donington Hall Estates Ltd. The two names registered to that business are Stuart Garner and Norton Motorcycle Holdings Ltd. Another look shows a charge was placed on Donington Hall Estates Ltd by Metro Bank (who appointed BDO and placed Norton in administration back in January). Confused? Me too. In the words of possibly the greatest singer ever…

We asked BDO for some clarity today on the situation, which as we see it appears to show a business called Norton MC and registered at Donington Hall being active and above board.

A BDO spokesperson said:

“We are unable to comment on the affairs of Norton MC as it is completely independent of Donington Hall Estates Ltd and Norton Motorcycles Holdings Ltd which are the companies in administration. As such, Norton MC is not under the remit of the Joint Administrators.”

We also asked Stuart Garner for some clarity on the situation and what the intention was with Norton MC. At the time of publishing, Stuart has yet to reply. 


On the 14th April 2020, Norton MC Limited changed its business name to NMC123 LTD.

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