Rossi hints at possible retirement


In an interview with Italian media, the seven time World Champion has said he will make the decision about his racing future within the first six months of the 2014 season.

“In 2014 I need to be at the front, closer to the first three’ – referring to Marquez, Pedrosa and Lorenzo.

Rossi made it clear he wasn’t just looking to make up the numbers next year and the recent sacking of long-time crew chief and partner Jeremy Burgess made it clear #46 was taking no prisoners.

“I know that it is a key moment because I have in my mind that I want to try one time in another way and I think this is the moment”

Jokingly Rossi added

“‘Explaining too many details of what went wrong would be a problem. It’s better to think this is just a rider tantrum”

If your Italian is better than ours then you can see the interview here