Shark Race-R helmet, light, strong, great visor

Shark is a massively and criminally underrated bike helmet brand.

French helmet designer and manufacturer Shark is not resting on its laurels. Having made a big splash back when Carl Fogarty was in his World Superbike prime, the designers and team in Marseilles have been beavering away with a succession of new models and graphics.

The Race-R is the almost but not quite top-of-the-line Shark lid. The full-fat lid is the Race-R Pro, and this is fundamentally the same shape but without an aero spoiler, and made from a slightly heavier material. In essence, there is less fibre in the Race-R than in the Race-R Pro. The (great) visor mechanism is new, and your old visors are not retro-fitable, but it’s easier to get your specs or (heaven forbid) your sunglasses on. The cheek pads are all replaceable and come in different sizes to ensure a perfect fit. Shark is a massively and criminally underrated brand.