Step away from the angle grinder

Customizing bikes, we all love doing it to some degree, be it adding a set of nice metal dust caps on the tyre valves, or a complete overhaul with a parts list that would look good on a MotoGP grid. We’ve seen some absolutely stunning home-brewed specials over the years and some right rotters too. But every now and then we come across a bike that stops us dead in our bike-perving tracks.

Why is that skull wearing a baby bonnet?

Fireblade custom
Why is that skull wearing a baby bonnet?

This little gem cropped up on a late night eBay expedition, while searching for a nice original 1993 Honda Fireblade for a buddy of mine. Thankfully I hadn’t been drinking, or another keyboard would have been ruined. It’s an eBay ad that just keeps on giving, from the initial shock of the photos, through the £6,000 asking price and finally the pigeon English description. In fairness, the seller’s English is a lot better than my Romanian, but we shouldn’t let that get in the way of a good chuckle.


The ripples on the tank improve aerodynamics at high speed. That should mean it hits the ground faster when pushed off a cliff.

Here are a few of the top quotes from the advert, at their best when read out in the voice of your favourite meerkat:

“This is an unicat Street Fighter  due to the fact that  90% of spares which are defining  it are after customed or manually done.”

“Fairings is handmade based of an own idea, so is unique, you will not find it anywhere for buying it; this fairing is covered with golden sheets.”

“I don’t need time wasters. Hoping that I was explicit enough,  I wish you: Happy bidding!”

It doesn't look any better in the dark

I know it’s not fair to poke fun at someone’s pride and joy, especially when they’ve put this much work into it, and I’m sorry. But sometimes, just sometimes, things are too unbelievable to keep to myself and this is one bike modifier who needs to step away from the angle grinder.