Tyred of going around in circles, Michelin has put the pressure on with six new rubber models that won’t leave you feeling deflated.

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John has made me promise to write this whole piece without a single tyre pun in it. Frankly I’m under enough pressure (you’re fired – JH), but I’ll do my best…

I don’t think there’s a living soul on this earth who hasn’t heard of Michelin tyres, one of the biggest tyre brands in the world that’s been around since 1889. That’s properly old. In 2009, the firm produced 150 million tyres – enough to dress every adult in Britain as Bibendum, the jolly, tyre-clad fatty otherwise known as the Michelin man. But instead of starting a side business in fancy dress costumes, the French tyre giant has released six new tyre models for 2013. Two are of particular interest to those of a sporty inclination, two are for the adventure traillies and there’s two new’uns for the commuters in the line up. But the thought of sunny roads and trackdays made our attention snap back to the stickier rubber.


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