SuperBike Staff Bikes – Yamaha MT-09

Miles: 2197

Mods: Powerbronze crash protection


Image: Mojoffoto





As you may have seen in the front pages of this issue we’ve been having fun on some pretty special machines this month. I was lucky enough to bring the Aprilia RSV4 Factory home and put over a thousand blissful miles on the odometer.

The MT-09 hasn’t been totally forgotten though, the latter half of the month spent back on the Yamaha and as sad I was to see the Aprilia go, the sadness quickly faded after the first few wheelies on the MT.

The RSV4 Factory was a brilliant bike, possibly even going in at the very top spot in my all-time list of favourites – is it £10,000 better than the MT? Not a chance.

Sure, it might have loads of toys, the ability to lap circuits at a blinding pace, the looks of a supermodel and the voice of an angel but it can’t top the MT for grin factor.

The Yamaha also comes out on top where comfort is concerned. Trips on the MT don’t need to be followed up with painkillers and lie-downs after every tankful. I can’t say the same for the RSV4.


Image: Mojoffoto


The Avon 3D Supersport tyres that were fitted last month have been performing brilliantly although I’ll admit a few too many skids and the odd cheeky burnout has squared the rear off considerably so I haven’t been able to get an accurate assessment of their longevity. They’ve been pretty sticky though and I’d be perfectly happy to replace them with the same.


I’ve also got round to fitting some Powerbronze crash posts to the MT to accompany the R&G case covers and fork sliders that are already in place. Fitting was pretty straightforward and they look equally as sturdy and substantial as the market leading crash posts which is a big bonus. Here’s hoping that’s as far as the testing goes with those particular parts.


I know last month I promised to get the MT on the dyno to compare numbers between standard and Termignoni systems and I haven’t forgotten about it, I’ll be sorting it for the next issue. I’ll even get a video and post it on our Facebook page so you can hear the three-cylinder howl for yourself.


Image: Mojoffoto