Suzuki classic parts scheme – now includes ‘Slabby’ GSX-R

Fans of old Suzukis will doubtless already know that you can buy new parts for certain old models from the Suzuki Vintage Parts website. Far be it from us to make any snidey comments about Suzuki having to eBay the contents of its loft to pay the rent, we’re just glad there’s a source of fixed price spares to keep legendary old machines like the RGV250 on the road. It also means less time at the autojumble listening to daft old hoarders drying their teeth and telling us how rare the mangled piece of crap they’re trying to flog us is.

Isn't she a beauty?

Isn’t she a beauty?

Well, in addition to the RGV250 and GT750, Suzuki has now put up the catalog for the GSX-R750 F to H models, or the Slabsided Gixxer as your mate down the pub will call it. So rather than wasting your time buying someone else’s old shit off the internet, have a butchers at the Suzuki site here and save yourself the hassle.